Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

As a Travel Consultant, I often get asked many of the same questions. So I thought it might be valuable to post them here for your benefit.

Travel & Vacations

  1. I have travel and health insurance through by employer or credit card, so I don’t need any additional coverage, right?
  2. I want to plan my vacation on my own time and not just when you, my travel consultant, is working
  3. I tend to like beach vacations instead. I probably wouldn’t enjoy a cruise
  4. How to pass through airport security in a breeze
  5. How to travel for 10 days without checking any bags

The Travel Professional

  1. Doesn’t it cost more to use a travel professional versus doing it myself?
  2. I want to be able to do my own research? I don’t really need your service, do I?


  1. When should I fly into the port city for my cruise vacation?
  2. I don’t want to cruise, because I don’t like rough water.
  3. With several thousand passengers on a cruise ship, it must be very crowded.
  4. What’s included (and not) in a cruise? Is it like an all-inclusive vacation?
  5. Is there enough to keep me from getting bored?