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Why you need to straighten your airplane seat at take-off and landing

I saw this post the other day on Conde Naste Traveler and I started to guess in my own mind the reason.pexels-photo-195477

I’ve done my share of air travel over the years for business and pleasure and I’ve always had some pre-conceived ideas of the reason. My first thought was that in the event of turbulence or an accident that you might hit your head on the seat in front of you. But I was not correct.

The real reason is that during an incident, the airline has specific guidelines that it must meet to evacuate an aircraft. A passenger in a reclining seat and a seat-back table in the down position can both affect how long it takes passengers to get off the plane.

The Real Reason You Have to Straighten Your Airplane Seat via Conde Naste Traveler


7 reasons not to check your bags on your next vacation

It’s been years since I’ve checked a bag at the airport. Even when I’ve been traveling up to 10 days on a combination business – vacation trip, I somehow manage to fit everything I need into a carry-on.1479076387_luggage

You can see some of my previous posts here and here on packing efficiently with a carry-on. Using a carry-on only during a cruise or Caribbean vacation is even easier since you’ll be packing a whole lot of short pants, bathing suits and t-shirts. Other than on a cruise, if you want to dress up there’s not a great need for many shoes or nicer clothing.

Apart from the ease of packing just one bag, there are a number of reasons not to check luggage. Don’t forget that most airlines permit you to bring both a carry-on piece and a personal item. That’s great because a personal item can be a small backpack, laptop bag or other similarly-sized piece.

So, why not check luggage?

  1. Clearly, there’s the fee to check a bag. For example, Air Canada will hit you up $25 for the first bag and $35 for your second;
  2. I hate lineups and that’s what you’ll be faced with as you check your bags. A long line just to give the airline your hard-earned money;
  3. There’s not a week goes by that I hear about someone’s luggage ending up somewhere else in the world. If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll have travel insurance so you’ll be compensated for your lost or delayed luggage. But do you really want your first order of business when you arrive on the cruise ship or resort to go out and buy shorts, shirts, toiletries and more? I’d rather find a relaxing spot to have a cool beverage and a snack;
  4. Whether on a cruise ship or resort, I like the idea of walking off the plane and taking my bags directly to my room…no waiting at the luggage carousel or for the porter to deliver them to your room. Again, I like to be the first to the pool in my vacation wear;
  5. I just heard last week of another traveler who mistook a bag for their own and took it off to another part of the Country. No fault of the airlines, but it can and does happen;
  6. If your luggage does arrive on time, there is a chance that it could be damaged in some form. When I used to check bags, about every 4th or 5th time my bags would face some form of damage. About every 10th trip it was time to purchase a new piece of luggage;
  7. It’s not uncommon to be sitting in the airport, either to our from your vacation, and you want to grab something from your luggage (a book, toiletry item, piece of clothing). It’s nice to have your bag by your side for convenience.

Start your vacation stress free. Don’t check your bags.