Vacation Packing Tips Revisited

I’ve talked before about making the most of your luggage when you’re heading out on vacation for a week or more.

One of the newest methods is the cube or package style. You can view that post here.

But a couple of the more traditional methods include fold and stack and using packing cubes. Take a look at this infographic to see if this might work for you.

packing tips infographic expedia2.jpg

Jeffrey Brookfield
The Real Life Traveler | Cruise & Vacation Specialist
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Don’t want to cruise because of ship movement?

We’ve been on many cruises with staterooms on upper and lower levels, front, rear or mid-ship. In the staterooms themselves, our experience has been that you feel very little movement, even in rougher waters. In many cases, we actually find the motion very soothing and relaxing for sleeping.IMG_0194.JPG

While yes, there were a couple times that there was ship movement felt on the decks or dining areas, taking a ginger pill or Gravol helped. If you are really susceptible to motion sickness in vehicles or airplanes, a cruise may not be the best vacation for you.

We would rather work with you to find a truly enjoyable and memorable vacation. says that most cruise ships today are so large and well stabilized that you can hardly tell you’re moving, especially in the calm waters of the Caribbean and Alaska’s Inside Passage. Radar helps big ships outrun hurricanes and other bad-weather patches, but if you do happen to pass through some rough water, any queasiness can usually be relieved by an over-the-counter medication. You can also ask your doctor before you leave home for the Transderm patch, available by prescription.

For more information on avoiding seasickness, click here.

Jeffrey Brookfield
The Real Life Traveler | Cruise & Vacation Specialist
Expedia CruiseShipCenters | Guelph | Rockwood | Ontario

Do I really need a travel agent?

Won’t it cost me more to use a travel agent?

Planning a trip really can be exciting, but it can also take a lot of time  When 2,000 cruise consultanttravelers were interviewed, about 400 said it took more than five hours to search and book travel online.

Travel Consultants, however, make a career out of making your vacation dreams come alive with very little effort on your part. In addition, we can most likely save you money as well. A US News Money article states that you can save anywhere from $500 to $1,000 on airfare if you have the right agent.

We can also offer insight that a website won’t be able to. “An agent can guide an inexperienced traveler through foreign travel or travel to exotic destinations. While the Internet may be bursting with websites and bookings in technologically advanced areas, agents may have more knowledge of travel in areas where tourism is less developed,” USA Today writes.


Jeffrey Brookfield
The Real Life Traveler | Cruise & Vacation Specialist
Expedia CruiseShipCenters | Guelph | Rockwood | Ontario

FAQ: I like beach vacations, so probably wouldn’t like to cruise

I hear this all the time from friends and clients.

If you absolutely don’t like being on a ship in the ocean or a river, then a cruise isn’t likely for you and I would never try and convince you otherwise.

2014-11-30 13.27.50

The Real Life Traveler on the beach at Grand Turk

On the other hand, if you like beaches and want to explore the opportunity on a cruise ship, it can be a great experience. Here’s why.

On a traditional 7-day cruise to the Caribbean, the itinerary will include up to 3 or 4 ports of call. Many, if not all, of these ports will offer the chance to experience some of the greatest beaches in the world. You can disembark the ship in the morning, hit the beach and then get back on the ship in mid- to late-afternoon.

The greatest part of this is that you pack and unpack once for your cruise vacation, but get to experience of number of great beaches.

You get the best of both worlds.

Try it, you might like it. My guess is you will!

Jeffrey Brookfield
The Real Life Traveler | Cruise & Vacation Specialist
Expedia CruiseShipCenters | Guelph, ON

The convenience of using today’s travel agents

There was a time when travel agents worked in their store from 9 am to 5 pm. And that was it.

2014-11-29 14.04.50

Jeffrey Brookfield, The Real Life Traveler

That wasn’t too convenient or helpful to you, as a consumer, wanting to plan your vacation during the evening or on a weekend.

The good news is that many of today’s travel professionals can help you plan your vacation whenever you want.

In my business, I can research, plan, book and confirm with you any of your travel plans whether I’m in the agency, at home or away on vacation or business anywhere in the world. So don’t worry about working on your schedule, because I’ll be there when you’re ready.

Technology is amazing that it not longer limits when I can serve you.

Jeffrey Brookfield
The Real Life Traveler | Cruise & Vacation Specialist
Expedia CruiseShipCenters
Guelph | Rockwood | Ontario

I enjoy doing my own research? I don’t really need the service of a travel agent

I always encourage my clients to research as much as they want.

That information, in conjunction with what you’ll learn from friends and family members will only assist what we can do together.When you come to me with some general knowledge of the following, our discussion will be much more valuable to you and be a better use of your time:

  • where you’d like to go
  • what you’d like to see
  • the type of vacation you’d like to take:
    • ocean or island cruise
    • river cruise
    • all-inclusive beach resort
    • Disney
    • where in the world who’d like to explore
  • how active you’d like to be
  • your budget

But with that information in hand, I can then develop a number of options for you that meet your objectives and desires.


What’s included and what’s not on a cruise vacation?

For the most part, once you’re on the ship, you can get by without spending much at all.

But to help you out, I’ve tried to outline below what’s included and what’s not>

Included:2014-12-02 15.24.28

  • your accomodation
  • daily cleaning of your stateroom
  • most meals and snacks
  • room service
  • coffee
  • movies
  • shows
  • comedy clubs and other entertainment
  • most on-board activities
  • some childcare

What’s not included:

  • tips
  • specialty restaurants
  • shore excursions
  • alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and specialty coffees
  • specialty spa treatments
  • gambling
  • internet access
  • laundry and dry cleaning

Jeffrey Brookfield
The Real Life Traveler | Cruise & Vacation Specialist
Expedia CruiseShipCenters | Guelph, ON