Celebrity chefs bring their cuisine to cruise ships

With seafaring foodies seeking more gastronomic sophistication than the humdrum buffets of yore, cruise lines have increasingly turned to a winning recipe for palate-pleasing success: The celebrity chef-helmed restaurant.acques pepin cruise chef
In a culinary cruise trend that shows no sign of losing steam, smart cruise lines are vying to outfit their ships with the biggest and best names on the culinary scene, plucking top chefs out from behind popular TV cooking shows, best-selling cookbooks and hot-reservation eateries back on land.

Cruise lines turn to a winning recipe for hungry passengers: celebrity chefs such as Nobu Matsuhisa, Jacques Pépin and Jamie Oliver.

Celebrity chefs bring their cuisine to cruise ships via CNN

best places to travel in 2017

25 Places You Need to Visit This Year

If, at the end of every year, you find yourself saying, “Next year, we’ll go there,” you’re not alone: Our travel wish-list is as long as it is diverse, and it just best places to travel in 2017keeps growing.

During last year’s Readers’ Choice Awards, there were a few select places you marked as the next ones to visit, from new picks like Croatia and Norway, to old favorites like Paris and Bora Bora. If you haven’t yet made it to your dream destination, here are your top picks—including some of our own tips, your top-rated hotels to book, and of course, a few beautiful photos for that extra inspiration.

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Luxury travel: The new mid-life crisis sports car?

I’ve said it before.

Consider investing in Experiences and not Things.

Things like a new car, television, the latest kitchen gadget or smartphone might be appealing, but the thing is that they only provide you with short term happiness.

A trip, on the other hand, has a lasting memories that you can share with your kids, your spouse and friends for years to come. I often think back to our trip to Costa Rica, our camping trips with the kids or when we took our now adult children on a cruise with us.

Read the following article about a trip to Peru full of rare experiences and deep connections which will be imprinted on the minds of this couple for years to come.

Source: Luxury travel: The new mid-life crisis sports car? – The Globe and Mail