Helpful tips when getting ready to book a cruise

For your convenience, allow me to place a courtesy hold on the booking. There is not cost or risk to you, but it does hold the booking at the quoted rates for up to 3 days. Otherwise, prices may subject to change without notice — even day to day

If your stateroom is quoted as a “guarantee” it means the cruise line selects your stateroom and you are guaranteed that category as a minimum. Although, prices for Guarantee rooms can be very competitive, you could end up with a stateroom next to an elevator or under the casino for example.

Gratuities, airfare, cancellation and out of country health insurance and hotel, if required are extra.

If not already a member of Expedia Rewards, enrol as soon as possible and receive 2 points for every cruise dollar. You can use your Rewards after your cruise for hotels, airfare and car rentals. If not a. member already, sign up here.

  • Out of Country health, cancellation and interruption insurance is highly recommended. One of the most comprehensive plans on the market is Manulife’s Premium Protection Plan which includes provisions for:
  • Cancel For Any Reason (your dog gets sick, you can’t get time off work or you just change your mind)
  • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions
  • You may cancel after 10 days of purchase if you don’t think the plan is right for you, but you must purchase the plan within 72 hours of booking your trip

Find out more about Premium Protection Plan here


Important: You need out of Province health insurance

Out of Province health insurance is even more important than trip interruption insurance.

Most travelers think that if they’re taking a trip within Canada, they’re protected. But that’s not correct.

If you travel uninsured, even outside of Ontario, and have a serious health issue, it could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars out of your pocket. It’s just not worth it. Here is a link to some of the best insurance on the market at competitive rates.

Have you arranged for someone to pick you up at Pearson International Airport?

If so, you should know that Airport staff will not let them park or stand for any more than a minute while waiting for passengers.

On the day of the return, I would recommend that the person picking you up confirms the flight schedule. They can then drive to the airport and wait in the “cell phone lot”.

Once outside at the arrivals level, call your driver and tell them what post you are standing near outside of the airport. They can then pick you up within minutes.


When it comes down to it, you really only need 2 things to travel to many places in the World

We all tend to have long lists of things that we need to pack when we’re getting away on vacation.

Beachwear, toiletries, casual clothing, reading material, hats, books and more. But when it really comes down to it the two things you absolutely mustn’t forget are your (and your traveling companions) passport and a credit card.

The passport lets you leave and enter countries and with your credit card you can buy almost anything.

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So next time you’re leaving for a trip, put your passport and credit card somewhere that they will not be forgotten.